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Portraits related questions:

No, I presently do not have a studio. I specialize in natural & available light photography on location.

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Yes. I am flexible. And I want to help you.

I will always make special exceptions and customize my services to work with people who might not otherwise be able to work with a professional photographer. I will work with any reasonable budget goal to help you meet your photography needs.

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Regardless of what you call it (TFP, TFCD, TF*, photo testing, collaborating…), yes, I’m always looking for fun and motivated people to “photo test” & collaborate with.

I am especially looking for reliable people I can work with on an ongoing basis — which means if we collaborate and we work well together, the chances are, I would like to work with you again (and again).

Testing opportunities are arranged on a per-person or per-project basis. If you have an idea for a fun project — or you simply think we would work well together, contact me directly.

What I value most in the people I collaborate with:

More than experience, I value passion, a positive & professional attitude, punctuality, good communication, and a desire to get amazing photos.

Also worth noting:

Unless specified, I do not provide hair and make-up for collaborative shoots. However, if you can do basic/intermediate hair and make-up, then I generally don’t find it necessary for most of the shoots I do for my own projects which tend to be “casual”, “lifestyle”, and “headshots” — like what you see in my MM portfolio.

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Yes, I will be happy to assist you in the process of finding a make-up artist, but do note that make-up artists are a separate charge and independent of any fees associated with my shoots.

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I will often shoot for FREE (or at greatly reduced rates) if my travel expenses to your location are paid for ($150 minimum).

I love to travel and work in new areas and always welcome any opportunity to do so. Paying for my travel expenses to work with you in your area can often be less expensive than hiring that local photographer. For example, paying me $200 r/t airfare to Los Angeles + $100 hotel for 1 night ($300 total) to work with you for FREE can be cheaper than paying a local photographer $300+ to provide services that are often more limited (looks, wardrobe changes, etc) than what I offer.

My typical “local” area of coverage puts me in a group of other Los Angeles photographers, southern California photographers, San Diego photographers, Las Vegas photographers, and Santa Monica photographers. Recent long-distance trips have led me to northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Washington DC, etc.

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Yes, your comfort and security is important to me, not just at my shoots, but when you are working with others.

As such, escorts are welcome at all my shoots and I highly recommend that models always travel with a companion whenever shooting with an unknown photographer for the first time.

That said, my personal preference and the preference of people who have worked with me (more than once) is to not have an escort present during the shoot.

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Officially: I do not shoot weddings.

Unofficially: I will consider all invitations to shoot weddings, but more so as a “secondary” photographer tasked with capturing the event “naturally” without the need to photograph every typical/generic wedding moment.

Trust me, if you leave me to capture beautiful moments and behind-the-scenes portraits naturally, I will shine. But the generic and typical must-get moments are best left to someone who specializes in weddings.

Category: Portraits

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Landscape & Nature photography related questions

Yes. If you would like to use one of my landscape and nature photos in a product or as a wall mural in your offices, just provide me with the details and I will be happy to negotiate.

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