Headshot Photography Packages

Model & Actor Headshots & Portraits For Any Purpose

Zero Dean Photography headshot packages are designed for anyone in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, or Las Vegas seeking professional headshot-oriented photographs.

No matter what you need headshots for, each headshot shoot is designed to meet your specific needs. Typical clients include: actors, models, musicians, writers, students, performers, and realtors.

If you are looking to have photos taken beyond the scope of just headshots, please see my general photo shoot packages for models & actors (and everyone else).

Zero Dean Photography Headshot Photo Shoot Packages:

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Need some help picking a headshots package?

I will be happy to assist you in picking a package that is right for you. And I promise we will never try to sell you more than you need.

Please use my contact page or call me at 757-797-4837

Wondering how to prepare for a headshot photo shoot?

Interested in a flat day rate?

Coaching & Direction:

I provide coaching & direction with every photo shoot to help you get the best headshots possible. I specialize in getting great headshots (and portraits in general) from subjects who are shy or generally don’t like to have their photo taken.

Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists:

Are not included in my packages. As much as I love and value working with make-up artists, I prefer to work with them on a shoot-by-shoot basis so that my clients will be able to take full advantage of their services as necessary.

Many photographers earn extra money by recommending make-up artists or stylists from which they receive a commission or referral bonus. I don’t.

I prefer to allow my customers to work with those they are comfortable hiring and who can meet their specific needs & budget. It also means that I have no incentive to recommend a make-up artist to you unless I truly feel you will be able to take full advantage of one or that it will significantly benefit you and your photos.

However, I will gladly provide you with assistance in hiring someone and can provide you with a list of make-up and/or hair stylists if you desire it.