What is this about a “free shoot” in exchange for travel expenses?

I will often shoot for FREE (or at greatly reduced rates) if my travel expenses to your location are paid for ($150 minimum).

I love to travel and work in new areas and always welcome any opportunity to do so. Paying for my travel expenses to work with you in your area can often be less expensive than hiring that local photographer. For example, paying me $200 r/t airfare to Los Angeles + $100 hotel for 1 night ($300 total) to work with you for FREE can be cheaper than paying a local photographer $300+ to provide services that are often more limited (looks, wardrobe changes, etc) than what I offer.

My typical “local” area of coverage puts me in a group of other Los Angeles photographers, southern California photographers, San Diego photographers, Las Vegas photographers, and Santa Monica photographers. Recent long-distance trips have led me to northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Washington DC, etc.