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Hi. My name is Zero (yes, really).

I became a photographer because I love photography, I love working with people, and I love to create.

Capturing magical moments — and the essence of whatever I point my camera at — is something I strive for every time I click the shutter.

I don’t have an agent, a receptionist, a web designer, a writer, or a photo-retoucher. I don’t outsource — I do all my own work. It’s not perfect, but I’m always striving to improve.

What you see here on my website — and in my work — is a reflection of me. If you like what you see, it’s because I care about and take pride in what I do and the services that I provide to others.

Beyond that, I enjoy being able to help other people with whatever skills and knowledge I have to offer — and I’m both grateful and rewarded any time that I have the opportunity to do that.

Because I work independently, the services I provide are especially personal to me because I put so much of myself into everything I do. It’s very important to me to do as good a job as possible in every aspect of the process — regardless of who I’m working with.

So whether you’re an aspiring actor or a known celebrity or just someone looking to have photos taken for fun, I can promise that you’d get my full attention and the best of what I’ve got to offer. And you’ll also get my support and every creative advantage I can give to help you successfully accomplish whatever it is you want photos for.

I believe excelling in this business is as much about relationships and interacting with people as it is about being able to take a decent photograph. Whether it involves clicking the shutter of my camera or actually clicking with the people I work with, I’m passionate about what I do. If I wasn’t, I promise I’d be doing something else.

I just have one request if I have the opportunity to work with you…

Please don’t expect me to fit a stereotype or be like any other photographer you’ve worked with. While I continue to try and learn from my own successes and mistakes (and those of others, too), and I’ve got a general path to guide me, I’m much more of an explorer than I am a follower.

Not far into my career, I discovered that when I stopped doing what I felt was “expected” and consciously started following my own instincts by doing what “feels right” instead, it led to far greater and more rewarding experiences. I hope if we get a chance to work together, that’s something you’ll get to experience as well.

Sincerely, Zero Dean

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

Providing Actor Headshots, Model Portfolios
& Portraits For Any Purpose℠

To be frank and sincere, as much as I love working with people and hope to work with you (if you’re looking for a photographer), I don’t want to attract clients by shouting about how great my services are or how much I can promise you. Even if it’s spoken sincerely, I think it all begins to sound false after a while. And I don’t think that’s the right foot to start a relationship on.

Instead, I’ll just say a few things here that will hopefully help give you an idea of who I am and what I’m about. First, there is no shortage of good photographers between Los Angeles and San Diego (or anywhere else for that matter). You have lots of choices.

The fact is, the market is saturated & extremely competitive (and has been for a very long time) and everyone wants your business. And although there’s a great deal of overlap in what each of us can do for you, we all have different personalities, different goals, and different ways of doing what we do.

So besides great photos, what you should be looking for is a photographer that best suits your own needs, style & personality. And to be really upfront with you, that may not be me.

So definitely shop around. And try to find someone who not only shows consistency in getting the kinds of photos you want, but who also vibes with your personality and gets you excited about working together.

Although I’m confident and skilled at what I do — and I strive to provide the best service I can — it’s simply a fact that there are other photographers out there who may be able to better accommodate your specific needs (in the same way that I may be better at something I do)

But if you like my work — and you can see yourself in it — then the chances are very good that you’ll like what I do for you.

And if you do decide to work with me, you can at least be confident that I’m the type of person that will not only leverage every skill I have to get you the kinds of photos you want, I will put everything I can into making sure you have a good experience as well.