Some of the kind things people I’ve had the good fortune to work with have said about working with me…


Los Angeles photographer providing actor headshots, model portfolios, and more.
“Zero is by far the best photographer I’ve worked with thus far and has definitely set the bar high. He made the entire shoot feel like it was only thirty minutes, when in reality it lasted almost four hours (somehow). We were having so much fun; it genuinely felt like I had known him for years because he’s so down to earth and funny, yet professional too. Before shooting with Zero, I read other testimonials that all mentioned the same statement, “Zero makes shooting feel so comfortable,” and this is exactly how I’d describe him as well. Definitely going to recommend him to some of my friends and would love to shoot with him again sometime. Thanks Zero!! ”


Los Angeles photographer providing actor headshots, model portfolios, and more.
“Zero Dean is one of the most professional photographers I have ever worked with. It’s refreshing to work with someone who is so passionate about what they do. He shows up on time, goes over what to expect so that you are not left in the dark and asks you what your goals are for this shoot. He is really great at directing and give you constructive feedback so that you can accomplish the shot that you are looking for. I felt so comfortable shooting with him and I would highly recommend Zero.”


Los Angeles photographer providing actor headshots, model portfolios, and more.
“Right off the bat, I told Zero that smiling is usually one of my least favorite things to do in photos. It always comes off forced or ingenuine, but a majority of my shots with Zero, were of me trying with everything in me, to not bust out into a smile. Zero is not only an amazing photographer, but has an energy about him that makes shooting feel effortless. I hope to work with him again!”


Los Angeles photographer providing actor headshots, model portfolios, and more.
“Zero is one of the greatest photographers that I have had the pleasure to shoot with! He is very knowledgeable, patient, hilarious and comfortable to be around! I definitely recommend anyone to work with him! I had one of the best times working with him.”


“Working with Zero was a fantastic experience. He has a great sense of humor and is totally relaxed. I felt totally comfortable working with him and he makes looking good in front of the camera much easier! He has a unique style and I love the shots I’ve gotten from his shoots. He never gets tired and has a real passion for photography! I would refer any model to him anytime.”


“Zero is one of the nicest photographers I have ever worked with. He is very patient, hard working, helpful and overall a good person. I want to stress the fact that I felt extremely comfortable at all times during the photoshoot. In addition I am very happy with my pictures and I would recommend him to any model who is looking to build or expand his/her portfolio.”

Erin Good

“I have worked with numerous photographers…and Zero is by FAR the best, his work is so amazing because he has a way of bringing out each persons individual personality in their photographs.

Before working with Zero a lot of my pictures I noticed seemed so blah, and not really me, but after looking over Zero’s photos, I can see a lot of my fun loving attitude shining through.

He has a great way of making you feel comfortable right off the bat, I didn’t even get time to be shy, he immediately made me laugh. I loved how Zero not only thought about himself, but what I wanted and what I thought would look good; not many photographers take the models point of view into their work. He has a way of making you look and feel beautiful throughout the shoot, and is very professional.

All and all Zero is a great guy with a knack for taking gorgeous photos, and capturing a life within each picture that I never knew was possible, I really hope I get the chance to work with him again, and I give my recommendation to any model that really wants to stand out. Work with Zero he’s an awesome guy and you will LOVE your photos. Thanks sooo much Zero!”


“Being relatively new to modeling, Zero helped me capture some of the best images in my portfolio. He is extremely professional and has a warm friendly attitude. I’ve shot with him twice now, and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot with him again. We were able to create some really good photos together to really diversify my portfolio. He is great to work with, has awesome equipment and graphic design capabilities.
He’s headed for bigger and better things so you should book with him now while he’s affordable!”


“The images speak for themselves! One of the most professional photographers I’ve worked with! Not only great as a photographer but really nice as a person and easy to work with, makes you feel comfortable on the set which is so important! And the turnaround time was as agreed- very precise which tells about the seriousness and professionalism of the photographer. It’s been such an amazing experience and I’d recommend Zero without a second thought to anybody who’s looking for great images and professional approach in everything.”


“My shoot with Zero was extremely fun! From the moment that I met him I felt very comfortable – not only with him as a person, but also with his shooting style. You can tell that he is a photographer that loves what he does. He was very patient, kind, and open to experimenting with different ideas. I would highly recommend him to anyone. And he put up with my goofball personality, which is always a plus! Great photographer!!”

Erin K Sullivan

“Zero Dean is a great photographer with natural talent. Not only is he professional, but his outgoing personality would help anyone feel comfortable. He will shoot until you feel good about the session. As a relatively new model, he helped me to become more confident and relaxed throughout the shoot. Zero is very creative and imaginative, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him.”

Robert Steinberg

“Zero, I thought you’d might like to see one of your photos in a national model search. I’m winning right now! I’m in the finals for the fashion search.”

Carolyn Berry (Make-up Artist)

“I recommend Zero to anyone looking for exceptional pictures! From the beginning of the shoot he put everyone at ease with his laid back personality. The first impression of him was very professional and knowledgeable. He had many magazine poses to choose from to put the first time model at ease. The way he easily explained the angles and lighting made me think I could even be a model :) It was a pleasure to work with Zero. I hope there are many more shoots to come because the pictures turned out fantastic.”

Caroline Victoria

“Zero Dean is an EXCELLENT photographer. Aside from being incredibly talented and creative, he is a lot of fun to work with. His personality is AWESOME!!! When you are shooting with Zero, his energy is phenomenal. Really gets you moving. But, most importantly he is a complete professional. I look forward to working with him again.”


“I previously worked with Zero Dean while he was in Las Vegas. He is very fun, professional, outgoing, hard working and easy to work with!! I look forward in the future to working together again. I highly recommend his services!!!!”

Joe Almani

“Everybody’s really happy with the shots. You did a great job man! The acting thing really took off! I’m currently working on two different productions. One is my first martial arts action movie (indie) and I got the lead stunt role!”

Leo Sheridan

“Thanks so much, the photos look amazing!! You made me look wonderful! Thanks so much again – your work is Perfection!”