About Your Proofs

If you were sent this link, it means your proofs are now available via a shared Google album (I will have sent you an invitation via email and/or to your phone).

What happens next?

You can now browse through your proofs to find your favorite photos. I will gladly retouch 1 photo for every 200 taken. Just let me know which photos you would like me to retouch by giving me the image number from the file name:

IMG_1234_proof.jpg = 1234

Delivery of your proofs

When I am in SoCal, my goal is to provide retouched photos to you within 7 days of when you select them. When I am traveling, this can take up to 10  days or more (but is usually quicker).

If in the process of looking at your photos you discover you like more than 1 out of every 200 taken, please keep track of those images and provide me with those in the event I have time to process more.

Please keep this in mind…

Although you will have access to all of your photos, I would appreciate it if you would least let me adjust the colors and contrast of any photos you feel like sharing before you share them (this won’t count as retouching).

Please understand that my reputation is, in part, dependent on the quality of the work I provide and that unprocessed photos that are shared on social media do not reflect the final quality of the images I provide.

Other than having an “auto levels” (auto tone) adjustment applied in Lightroom, your proofs are provided straight from the camera without any retouching. Although they may look good, these images are considered unfinished and are not reflective of their final quality. In some cases, the difference between original images and adjusted ones is extreme.

Can I ask you for a favor?

Did you enjoy your shoot? And are you happy with the services I’ve provided?

If so, it would be tremendously helpful and greatly appreciated if you would consider writing a testimonial. You can see some examples here.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just anything you think someone else should know about working with me. The sorts of things that you would find helpful and encouraging to know before deciding on a photographer to work with.

If you are open to it, you can simply email me your testimonial (in the future I will have a link where you can leave a review on google). Thank you.