Zero Dean Photography Services

I provide professional portraits for any purpose.

I began shooting professional portraits in 2004.

I shoot a lot of headshots for actors, entertainers, athletes, performers, realtors, and more (and wrote extensively about it in 2006). I’ve also spent a fair bit of my career helping aspiring and established models add to or build their portfolios. I also provide guidance to new models with regard to everything from posing to career choices. I’ve written about that as well.

In addition to headshots and model portfolios, my services also include:

  • Engagement photos
  • Online dating photos
  • Photos musicians, groups, and performers
  • Fashion photography & glamour model headshots and portfolios
  • Promotional portraits for your campaign, book cover, website, fan page or social networking profile, whatever you want!
  • Photos “for your significant other”, your spouse in the military, or “just for fun”
  • Event photography
  • Senior portraits
  • Pet photos
  • Natural light product photography (t-shirts, jewelry, fitness apparel, sports gear…)

I am a natural & available light photographer.

This means for 99% of my work, I don’t work in a studio or use studio lighting. Instead, I work on location and control and modify the light that exists in the shooting environment to get the look I want.

Coaching & Direction:

I provide coaching & direction with every photoshoot to help you get the best photos possible. I specialize in getting great shots (and portraits) from subjects who are shy or generally don’t like to have their photo taken or new models just beginning to build their modeling portfolios.

Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists:

Are not included in my photoshoot packages. As much as I love and value working with make-up artists, I prefer to work with them on a shoot-by-shoot basis so that my clients will be able to take full advantage of their services as necessary.

Many photographers earn extra money by recommending make-up artists or stylists from which they receive a commission or referral bonus. I don’t.

I prefer to allow my customers to work with those they are comfortable hiring and who can meet their specific needs & budget. It also means that I have no incentive to recommend a make-up artist to you unless I truly feel you will be able to take full advantage of one or that it will significantly benefit you and your photos.

However, I will gladly provide you with assistance in hiring someone and can provide you with a list of make-up and/or hair stylists if you desire it.

When hiring a make-up artist, consider this:

In order to take full advantage of a make-up artist and to get the most out of your scheduled shoot time, I recommend that you arrange to meet with the make-up artist (and/or hairstylist) at your home 30-60 minutes in advance of your appointment and have your initial application of make-up done before you arrive at your shoot. This will minimize the amount of make-up done on location and will also allow us to begin shooting sooner.

When shooting on location, if you wish to have your make-up done in advance of your appointment, but also altered during your shoot, it is important that you hire someone who is able to both meet you in advance of your shoot (either at your place or theirs) and who is then also available to work with you at the shoot location.

Have questions about my services?

The answer to commonly asked questions are available on my Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question isn’t answered there, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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