What makes a great headshot?

What makes a good headshot?

While there is no magic formula to creating a perfect headshot, and there are exceptions to every “rule”, many of the best headshots have the same things in common…

A good headshot will focus on the subject and only include what is necessary in the photo to show a casting director that you have potential for a part. Nothing in the photo (jewelry, clothing, hairstyle, background, props, etc) will distract the viewer from the main point of interest.

A good headshot will be an accurate and realistic representation of the subject. It won’t make you look younger. It won’t make you look like someone else.

A good headshot will generally “invite” the viewer in and make them want to know more about the subject. This can be done through a combination of lighting, composition, and expression.

A good headshot will avoid overly dramatic (shadowed) lighting. Good headshots are not intended as “fashion shots”. A photo can work perfectly as a fashion shot, but fail miserably as a headshot.

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