About my blog

I started this photoblog in late March 2020. Posts are being added retroactively based on the dates photos were taken. This means new posts are appearing — but they are actually tucked back in this blog’s history.

For example, if I add a new series of photos from 2010, they will not show up at the top of my blog. Instead, they will appear as being posted in 2010.

As I take new photos, however, those will appear at the top of blog to coincide with the day they were taken.

Natalia (2020)

Sony Alpha a7iii

In late August 2019, I left San Diego and began a road trip across the United States in order to interview people for a video documentary series & podcast about resilience & hope. As I traveled, I occasionally posted photo shoot casting calls as a way to fill my schedule with something I enjoy doing.

I was in West Palm Beach, Florida in November 2019 when first-time model, Natalia, answered my casting, but it wasn’t until I returned to the area in January before we’d have a chance to work together.