Thoroughly enjoyed my first portrait session since Covid began. Featuring Leslie. a fun-to-work-with model from Los Angeles.

This was intended to be a black & white-oriented shoot, but I was really happy with how the color shots came out.


Sony Alpha a7iii

In late August 2019, I left San Diego and began a road trip across the United States in order to interview people for a video documentary series & podcast about resilience & hope. As I traveled, I occasionally posted photo shoot casting calls as a way to fill my schedule with something I enjoy doing.

I was in West Palm Beach, Florida in November 2019 when first-time model, Natalia, answered my casting, but it wasn’t until I returned to the area in January before we’d have a chance to work together.

Kate B

In early November 2019, I put out a photoshoot casting in New England. I met Kate on a chilly fall day in a quaint town in Exeter, New Hampshire. It was the first shoot I’d done in years where I had to simultaneously battle the cold, the wind, and intermittent sunshine. I also experimented with shooting in direct sunlight — which isn’t something I typically do.

Sony Alpha a7iii