Natalia (2020)

Sony Alpha a7iii

In late August 2019, I left San Diego and began a road trip across the United States in order to interview people for a video documentary series & podcast about resilience & hope. As I traveled, I occasionally posted photo shoot casting calls as a way to fill my schedule with something I enjoy doing.

I was in West Palm Beach, Florida in November 2019 when first-time model, Natalia, answered my casting, but it wasn’t until I returned to the area in January before we’d have a chance to work together.

Kate B (2019)

In early November 2019, I put out a photoshoot casting in New England. I met Kate on a chilly fall day in a quaint town in Exeter, New Hampshire. It was the first shoot I’d done in years where I had to simultaneously battle the cold, the wind, and intermittent sunshine. I also experimented with shooting in direct sunlight — which isn’t something I typically do.

Sony Alpha a7iii

Blanca (2019)

In the spring of 2019, I began planning a cross country trip in which I would interview people for a video documentary series (and podcast) about resilience & hope.

At the time, I had a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a Canon EOS M3, and had recently purchased a Canon EOS M6. What I would soon discover was that even all together, none of them would provide me with the features I needed to do what I wanted to do. And I couldn’t really afford a Canon camera that could.

For years, I’d had my eye on what other manufacturers were doing to innovate in the photography world while growing increasingly disappointed with Canon’s offerings. The giant was sleeping.

I considered all of my options. And that’s when I realized, that if I sold all of my Canon gear, I could actually afford a modern and technically advances Sony mirrorless camera that did everything I was seeking.

So, after 25 years with Canon, I did just that. I sold all my Canon cameras and all of the Canon gear I’d collected over the years and bought a Sony Alpha a7iii and a couple of lenses.

The first lens I purchases was a Sony 85mm 1.8 — known for being sharp. I then posted a casting in which I would do a shoot with just that lens.

That’s how I met Blanca. We met on an overcast day at Torrey Pines State Park and proceeded to shoot on the beach trails.

That’s when I realized I don’t like being limited by an 85mm (although it’s good practice), but I really do love working with Sony cameras — with their crazy user interfaces and all.

Sony Alpha a7iii