The photographer claims that professionals are the only ones who can get your headshots done right.

Professional photographers are the only people who can get your headshots done right. Right?


It is entirely possible for anyone with a decent camera to capture a stunning headshot. Sometimes your “buddy with the camera” can get good shots, too. But in many cases, getting that shot will take a lot of time, patience, and a bit of luck.

Some people are just better at taking headshot photos — and those people are generally the professionals who make a living from doing so.

But if you’re hurting for headshots and you don’t have the money to pay a professional, then make the most of what you have — and if that’s a friend with a camera, so be it.

But keep in mind, many photographers offer specials or are willing to negotiate with clients in order to gain your business. While you may not have enough money to pay the average rate for headshots in your area, you might be able to negotiate a price that works for both you and your photographer.

Keep in mind when working with non-professionals, “people with cameras” who have little invested in their “photography business/hobby” don’t necessarily feel obliged to provide you with a level of service you can expect from someone whose professional life revolves around exactly what you’re looking for.

The photographer claims to have a totally unique "process" to create headshots.