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Please know: I’m not here to pitch you things you have no interest in. My news list is only to provide you with information you actually want. Also know that you can easily change your subscription options or unsubscribe at any time.

General News (specials, travel plans, etc)

This is where I post any general news with regard to my travel plans, projects, specials, or anything else I think you might genuinely want to know about.


It’s simple. 

  1. I will post (via email – see signup form below) when and where I am available to shoot (between Los Angeles and San Diego).
  2. You contact me to confirm your interest in shooting at that time and location.
  3. I will confirm my availability to work with you and we discuss any necessary details.
  4. You show up. We shoot.

Sign up form:

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Short Notice Photo Shoots Alerts: Los Angeles and/or San Diego

These are often same-day or next-day openings (of a minimum of 2 hours — often 4 or more) in my schedule that I offer for free to those who willing and able to meet me to shoot. Any specifics (time, location…) are provided in the updates I send out.

Alerts for Free Headshots Sessions

I try to schedule free headshots sessions at least once per month. This is where I set aside at least 2 hours of time to shoot headshots for whoever wants them. Depending on how much demand there is, it is entirely possible to get a full 2 hour headshots session to yourself.

try to announce the day, expected time frame, and general location (usually a park) of the free headshots shoot at least a few days in advance so you can plan ahead.

Those who plan on showing up are asked to please RSVP so I can account for and accommodate demand.

Proofs will be provided within 4 days (usually within 24 hours) and participants will get their choice of one free professionally retouched photo. Additional retouched photos are available for $20.

Casting Calls

You can be one of the first to know when I have a specific casting for subjects. These are often test shoots, but when I have paying clients that have a need for subjects, I will also post updates.