Questions that models should ask photographers.

Knowledge is power and your safety is important. Below are a number of questions to ask photographers and things to be aware of prior to working with a photographer…

Ask where the photographer shoots. If he works in a studio, is it a dedicated studio or is it a home studio? What is the environment like? Is there easy access to a changing room, mirror, and bathroom? Is there easy access to parking?

If not previously arranged, how long is the shoot expected to last?

Can the photographer provide at least 3 references?

Does the photographer work with an assistant? Will other people be present during the shoot? Is it ok for you to bring an escort?

If you are shooting on location or plan to travel from one location to the next, how will this be accomplished? Does the photographer have a portable changing room of some kind for wardrobe changes while on location?

Ask for a copy of their model release prior to working with them. Review this contract carefully and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Never sign anything you are not comfortable with. How will the photographer use the photos he takes of you?

How many photographs can you expect from a shoot? Does the photographer provide prints?

How many different looks & outfit changes are you allowed?

Is a make-up artist provided?

When can you expect your photos (or proofs or CD) to be delivered?

If you are paying a photographer, what forms of payments do they accept and when do they expect payment? Also be sure to determine exactly how much you are expected to pay prior to shooting.

If you are getting paid by a photographer, determine when you are going to get paid and how. Be sure that you are clear about exactly how much you are to be paid as well.


In most cases, a photographer should rarely have any reason to make physical contact with a model. In the event some type of contact is necessary, it should be clear how this is to be communicated to the model. I personally make it a point to announce & ask permission to make any kind of contact with a model prior to doing so. This leaves very little room for mis-interpretation and makes it very clear that all contact is necessary & purely professional.

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