About the Photographer

Hi. My name is Zero Dean (yes, really).

I became a photographer because I love photography, I love working with people, and I love to create.

Capturing magical moments — and the essence of whatever I point my camera at — is something I strive for every time I click the shutter.

I don’t have an agent, a receptionist, a web designer, a writer, or a photo-retoucher. I don’t outsource — I do all my own work. It’s not perfect, but I strive to make it better every single day.

What you see here on my website — and in my work — is a reflection of me. If you like what you see, it’s because I care about and take pride in what I do and the services that I provide to others.

Beyond that, I enjoy being able to help other people with whatever skills and knowledge I have to offer — and I’m both grateful and rewarded any time that I have the opportunity to do that.

Because I work independently, the services I provide are especially personal to me because I put so much of myself into everything I do. It’s very important to me to do as good a job as possible in every aspect of the process — regardless of who I’m working with.

So whether you’re an aspiring actor or a known celebrity or just someone looking to have photos taken for fun, I can promise that you’d get my full attention and the best of what I’ve got to offer. And you’ll also get my support and every creative advantage I can give to help you successfully accomplish whatever it is you want photos for.

I believe excelling in this business is as much about relationships and interacting with people as it is about being able to take a decent photograph. Whether it involves clicking the shutter of my camera or actually clicking with the people I work with, I’m passionate about what I do. If I wasn’t, I promise I’d be doing something else.

I just have one request if I have the opportunity to work with you…

Please don’t expect me to fit a stereotype or be like any other photographer you’ve worked with. While I continue to try and learn from my own successes and mistakes (and those of others, too), and I’ve got a general path to guide me, I’m much more of an explorer than I am a follower.

Not far into my career, I discovered that when I stopped doing what I felt was “expected” and consciously started following my own instincts by doing what “feels right” instead, it led to far greater and more rewarding experiences. I hope if we get a chance to work together, that’s something you’ll get to experience as well.

Sincerely, Zero Dean

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson