Only the strong models survive.

If you are serious about progressing your career, modeling will be hard work. Many jobs will be fun, but some will also involve working in difficult conditions (cold, wet, etc), wearing uncomfortable outfits, or holding uncomfortable poses for significant periods of time.

Persistence is important. Being a model will typically mean having to deal with rejection and criticism (not all of which will be constructive). You may be told you are too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too fit, too out of shape, don’t have the right look, are not intense enough, are too intense, are not relaxed enough, etc. The point it, you may be criticized in any number of ways depending on who you are working with and what their needs are. It is important that you develop a positive means to be able to deal with criticism.

Dealing with the difficulties associated with modeling will often lead many models to give up before they’ve really given modeling a chance. If it was truly that easy to make a living at modeling, then everyone would do it. As with any career, the rewards of success can be great, but you generally have to earn them.

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