How to find a good headshots photographer.

How to find a great headshots photographer:

Finding a “headshots photographer” (or any photographer) nowadays is not tricky. Finding the “right” headshots photographer is, and that’s precisely because photographers are so common and the photography field is so competitive.

You can always find “cheap” or “budget” headshot photographers nowadays. And by that I mean photographers willing to provide their services for what seems like a really good super low rate. But be careful. If working with a¬†professional¬†photographer matters to you (and by “professional” photographer, I mean someone who makes a living taking photographs), photographers who charge next to nothing for their work may not be professional photographers at all. It’s more likely that any photographer charging that little for their services has another job, and it’s not photography.

If you’re serious about your career, do you really want to shoot with a photographer who doesn’t value their own work highly enough to charge a reasonably rate for it? Probably not, but it’s entirely up to you.

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