The headshot photographer claims that their headshots will get you work.

Photographers like to use statements in their marketing that show you the benefits of working with them vs. others. While this is “Marketing 101”, not every claim being made is as straightforward as it first appears and it helps to understand when you are being manipulated.

What do actors want? To work.
How do actors get work? A headshot is most often an important part of the process.

Therefore, it seems reasonable to claim:

The photographer will provide headshots that will “get you work”.

This is sort of a trick statement. While it is possible that a great headshot will get you called in by a casting director, it is entirely up to you and your acting chops to seal the deal. A headshot alone will not get you work.

And even if you have a fantastic or flawless headshot that may get you called in for numerous auditions, if you don’t actually look like your headshot, that’s going to work against you.

The photographer will provide headshots that will “get your foot in the door”.

This is actually more accurate than the “will get you work” statement above, but still a little tricky. There’s really no guarantee that any headshot will ever get your foot in the door, but if you have a look a casting director feels is appropriate for a part, then it’s a good start.

The photographer highlights the fact that they've worked with celebrities.
The photographer claims that studio headshots are better than natural light headshots.