Why having some modeling experience is not the same as being a professional model

Having “some modeling experience” is not the same as being a professional model.

Yes, maybe you’ve invested in some clothes (perhaps you’ve invested a lot), you are comfortable in front of a camera, and you have your poses down.

A professional photographer, and by “*professional photographer” in this case, I mean someone whose soul source of income is from photography, still has a lot to offer you.

*There will always be debate about what a “professional [anything]” is.

A. A professional photographer has generated enough demand in his service and abilities to make a living from it. This is saying a lot considering that photography is very expensive, including thousands of dollars worth of equipment, costly studio rental space (if he works in a studio), liability insurance (to cover you if you have an accident), and that nearly 30 percent of his income goes directly to taxes (no, that is not fun).

B. A professional photographer often has years of experience. Experience doesn’t necessarily signify that he’s a good photographer, but if you are considering working with him, then hopefully he is. This experience can be valuable. A professional photographer has (hopefully!) worked with a lot more models than you’ve worked with photographers.

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