Why you should not treat your modeling portfolio like a scrapbook

Already have a modeling portfolio? Throw out the trash. Be selective of what you find worthy of putting on display. One good photo is more effective than 10 crappy ones. Your portfolio (printed or web version) is not a scrapbook. It is not a place to put photos simply because you want to record the fact that you had a shoot with some photographer somewhere.

Not every photo taken from a shoot is noteworthy. In fact, depending on who you work with, sometimes none of the photos from a shoot are noteworthy. And if they’re not noteworthy, keep them out of your portfolio.

If you have more than 10 photos in your portfolio, then ask yourself why and be sure that every photo is justified and has a specific reason for inclusion in your portfolio.

Your portfolio should be reserved for the best of the best. Each photo should present itself in a way that says “quality” and “professional”. If you have a photo in your portfolio for sentimental reasons, save it for your family & friends, but do not put it in your portfolio.

Although it may pain you to hide some of those lesser quality photos, just remember that quality over quantity will get you further in the long run.

Note: This “less is more” rule generally applies to photographers as well. Why then do I sometimes highlight multiple images of the same model in my gallery? Because showing multiple images of the same model during the same shoot helps demonstrate an overall consistency and quality in my work. Any person wielding a camera can take a “lucky” good shot now and again. Being able to do so consistently is what matters.

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