Ideas for photos & photo shoots

Depending on the photographer, photo shoots can be a very collaborative and creative process where clients are encouraged to share any ideas they may have for photographs they’d like to try and take.

Although this can be done at any time, it is best done at least a few days prior to your shoot date so that any necessary preparations can be made ahead of time.

Oftentimes, a pre-existing photograph may provide the inspiration for a new one.

You may want to consider collecting photographs you come across online or in magazines (and making digital copies) and storing them in a folder on a USB drive or in a dropbox or google drive folder.

You can also bring magazines to your shoot for inspiration.

Many ideas can be found by simply paying attention to what a model may be wearing, any props that are used in the photo, the location where the photo was shot, and any effects used in the shot (if any).

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