Info for New Models & First-timers

Getting in front of a camera for the first time (or first few times) can be intimidating. In fact, even pros still get cases of nervousness. So don’t worry, it’s natural.

A good photographer will have worked with a number of first time models before and have good understanding of what to expect and how to get the most out of shooting with someone new. The best advice I can give is don’t worry about it. Relax. An experienced photographer will do whatever they can to create the type of environment where you can do just that — RELAX.


Many first-time models worry about posing. A good experienced photographer will be able to provide you with as much direction as you need to get just the right shots without pressuring you to “perform”.

One possibility at your shoot is using reference material. This includes magazines, posing books, photos, and anything else that might help you get ideas about looks or poses that you’d like to try.

A good photographer will have these types of resources available, but it’s best to ask. And if it isn’t available, you can always bring your own to¬†draw ideas from during your shoot.

How to prepare for your photo shoot