The photographer has extremely low rates.

The photographer offers bargain prices (sounds too good to be true) that a well below average in your area.

This is a case where a photographer may simply be looking to attract clients or gain professional experience by charging very little for their services.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if a photographer doesn’t consistently charge enough for their work to support their business, then the chances are good that they are not supporting their “photography business” with their photography.

If the person is a hobbyist or simply someone looking to make a few extra dollars taking photographs, then be certain you know this and, more importantly, be sure that the work they provide appeals to you and is capable of meeting your needs.

A person who supports their photography business with their photography services is much more emotionally invested in providing quality services and gaining repeat clients than someone who is simply looking to earn a few dollars on the side.

The photographer wants you to believe that they're the only photographer for you.
The photographer charges a premium price, but "isn't your career worth it?"