The photographer claims to be very “affordable”.

The photographer claims to be very “affordable”.

Regardless of what they charge, every photographer is “affordable” to someone. That may not be you.

Being “affordable” is obviously relative to what every individual thinks they can ¬†or should pay for a photo shoot. So obviously a photographer calling themselves affordable doesn’t necessarily make it true for every individual.

When selecting a photographer to work with, be careful not to pick a photography strictly based on price. When comparing photographers, be sure to compare the quality of their work, their presentation, and your interaction with them (such as how receptive they are to questions).

The photographer wants you to believe that they’re the only photographer for you.

The photographer wants you to believe that they’re the only photographer for you.

Often a photographer trying to gain your business will in some way try to convince you that they’re the only photographer available to help meet your specific needs.

Sometimes this may actually be true, depending on where you live and other factors. But in many cases, it’s really just a marketing tactic in order to convince you to commit.

Generally speaking, there have never been more photographers available to meet your needs in the history of photography, than there are now.

Some photographers are better suited to meet your needs than others — so make sure you can see yourself in their work and you are confident from their presentation — or better your interaction with the photographer — that they are the right photographer for you.

The photographer has extremely low rates.

The photographer offers bargain prices (sounds too good to be true) that a well below average in your area.

This is a case where a photographer may simply be looking to attract clients or gain professional experience by charging very little for their services.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if a photographer doesn’t consistently charge enough for their work to support their business, then the chances are good that they are not supporting their “photography business” with their photography.

If the person is a hobbyist or simply someone looking to make a few extra dollars taking photographs, then be certain you know this and, more importantly, be sure that the work they provide appeals to you and is capable of meeting your needs.

A person who supports their photography business with their photography services is much more emotionally invested in providing quality services and gaining repeat clients than someone who is simply looking to earn a few dollars on the side.

The photographer charges a premium price, but “isn’t your career worth it?”

The photographer charges a premium price, but “isn’t your career worth it?”

You get what you pay for. Right?

Your career may be worth it, but you don’t always get what you pay for.

While we often equate product quality with price, a photographer who charges a premium price doesn’t necessarily provide photos that are better than a photographer who charges much less.

So be careful not to be manipulated into working with a photographer simply because their rates are above the average of other photographers in your area.

In the end, choose a photographer based on the quality of their work and your specific needs.

The photographer claims to have unique insights or skills to capture “the true you”.

The photographer claims to have unique insights or the skills necessary to capture “the true you”.

This could be true. It depends on the photographer.

Getting great photos out of people when you point a camera at them has a lot to do with how the person getting their picture taken feels during the shoot. If they’re comfortable and they trust the photographer, it really helps in capturing great photos.

If the person is nervous or uncomfortable during their photo shoot, it nearly always shows in the photos. That does not mean it’s impossible to get fantastic shots while nervous or uncomfortable, but it does make a photographer’s job more difficult — and it’s much less fun and enjoyable as a subject.

While that “fake smile” may work in a snapshot, it doesn’t belong in a professional photo. A good photographer will know how to capture “the true you” — and if that’s someone with a genuine smile, all the better.