The photographer claims to have unique insights or skills to capture “the true you”.

The photographer claims to have unique insights or the skills necessary to capture “the true you”.

This could be true. It depends on the photographer.

Getting great photos out of people when you point a camera at them has a lot to do with how the person getting their picture taken feels during the shoot. If they’re comfortable and they trust the photographer, it really helps in capturing great photos.

If the person is nervous or uncomfortable during their photo shoot, it nearly always shows in the photos. That does not mean it’s impossible to get fantastic shots while nervous or uncomfortable, but it does make a photographer’s job more difficult — and it’s much less fun and enjoyable as a subject.

While that “fake smile” may work in a snapshot, it doesn’t belong in a professional photo. A good photographer will know how to capture “the true you” — and if that’s someone with a genuine smile, all the better.

The photographer charges a premium price, but "isn't your career worth it?"
The photographer has very limited availability.