What you should do before working with a new photographer.

Do your homework before booking any assignment. Always ask for references from people the photographer has worked with if the photographer is not well known.

When you are working with a new photographer who isn’t well known or an experienced professinoal, it is recommended that you take an escort to a shoot. However, you should not expect a photographer to pay for your escort’s travel expenses

Prior to a shoot, tell someone where you will be, provide the contact information of the photographer, and tell them that you will contact them during the shoot. When you get to your shoot, you should then make a point of checking in with that person to let them know exactly where you are, what the plan of action is, and when you expect to be home. If you don’t have a cell phone, then use the photographer’s phone. If he doesn’t let you use the phone, maybe you shouldn’t be there.

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