What aspiring models should look for in photographers

Professional photographers are the greatest resource for aspiring models. However, being a “professional” does not necessarily mean the photographer is good or reputable. And having lots of experience does not always translate to having lots of “skill”.

Some “professionals” that have been in the business for 20 years still take only average quality photos. Be sure to take a good look at the work of the photographer you plan to work with. The quality of the photos is what’s most important, not the number of years the photographer has been pushing a camera button.

When comparing photography photo shoot packages, it is again important to place more emphasis on their skill and style and the quality of the photos than it is to be concerned with the number of pictures they may provide with a given package.

Yes, of course, price matters and we’re all on a budget, but it makes little sense to spend money on a cheap photographer to only get a lot of average prints that are of little value to your career.

Remember, your portfolio is not a scapbook. One excellent print in your portfolio is much more valuable than several mediocre ones.

So remember, you should always be looking for photographers who will provide you with the best prints — not the most prints.

Images are forever, so before you decide to step in front of the camera, remember that you can’t take it back. Getting experience in front of the camera is important, but so is working with photographers that have the skill to make you look good.

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