What clothes should you bring to a photo shoot?

Note: Your experience with different photographers will vary and you will want to discuss this beforehand.

Your Wardrobe (Selection)

Unless specific arrangements have been made in advance, the model is responsible for bringing her own attire.

If you plan to shoot photos of a certain style (Maxim style, fashion, glamour photos, etc), then it is to your benefit to coordinate with your photographer before hand to discuss wardrobe options as well as props, backgrounds, and various ideas.

If you are shooting with the intention of doing an “all-purpose” shoot, then bringing a variety of different types of clothes is a good idea. Most photographers prefer to have a variety of options (but please refer to “styles of clothes” below).

Options are always good and you never know when you’ll feel like wearing something. And if you think you might want to bring something, but have second thoughts about it, bring it anyway.

Models I’ve worked with almost always tell me that they wished they’d brought something that they’d thought about bringing but then decided not to. It is better to always bring more than you think you will need, however it may not always be possible to shoot with everything you bring.

Styles of Clothes

I recommend solid color clothing, with no polka dots, no wild prints, and no distracting stripes. Clothing of this type can have a tendency to distract the viewer from the most important subject in your photos, you.

[If you are doing a “themed” shoot, such as a pin-up shoot, then obviously the clothes you bring should match the theme and override the suggestion above.]

Recommended clothing styles include:

  • shorts
  • various forms of full and brief tops
  • mini-dresses
  • mini-skirts
  • form fitting pants
  • sports & fitness gear

Swimwear & lingerie are also possibilities, if desired — depending on what you’ve arranged to shoot with your photographer.

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