What kind of props to bring to a photo shoot?

Photo Shoot Props

Unless discussed with the photographer beforehand, clients are responsible for supplying their own props for a shoot.

What are props exactly?

Props are any items you can help “accessorize” your photos with and potentially give it extra impact. Props can be anything from a cane or an umbrella, a mask, a magnifying glass, a furry rug, or satin sheets for a glamour shoot.

Clients that supply their own props tend to bring things that have significantly more meaning than what the typical photographer might provide. Plus, photographers who repeatedly use the same props over and over again in shoots tend to have photos that all look the same (or at least less distinctive).

If you intend to shoot “Maxim Style” or glamour or boudoir photography

If you intend to shoot glamour style photos, boudoir photos, “Maxim/FHM style” photos, lingerie photos, or any type of photos intended to give off an “intimate” look, please consider bringing items that may help reinforce the look you are going for. These items can be used to help adorn the set.

For example, if you wish to try some shots involving a fur-skin rug, then all you need to do is supply the rug.

Additional items to consider include comforters, pillows, sheets, fabric to drape across the set or hang from the ceiling, and anything else you think might help add to the look you are going for. If you have any particular ideas in mind and would like to know if you should bring something, please feel to ask.

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