How to prepare for your headshots photo shoot.

Physical preparation:

• Before you get your headshots done, be sure to examine your face, eyebrows, and hairstyle to determine if any minor adjustments may help. I’m not suggesting cosmetic surgery! I’m talking about plucking your eyebrows or possibly getting your hair trimmed.

• Be sure to take care of all hair removal prior to a shoot, but leave at least 2-3 days between when you wax/shave any sensitive areas and your shoot date. This time is necessary to allow for any irritation to disappear before your shoot.

• Although the focus will be on your face, take care of your nails in case they end up in the shot. Be sure that your nails are neat and well maintained. If you plan on posing barefoot, be sure your feet and toes are in good condition.

• If you plan on showing your smile, be sure that your teeth are ready for prime-time. If your teeth are discolored, you may want to consider having them cleaned/whitened.


• Be sure you have worked out all the necessary details about your shoot. You should know where you’re supposed to go, the easiest & fastest way to get there, and what you need to do to prepare for your shoot.

• Please be sure that you know how to get to the location where you are shooting. If you are working with a make-up artist, please be sure that they are aware of these directions as well.

• You should also have a good idea of what items you are going to bring to your shoot.


• Eat healthy. Drink plenty of water. Avoid fatty, greasy, and salty foods prior to shooting. Avoid heavy exposure to the sun. Please avoid alcohol or anything that will make you puffy or bloated. Also avoid anything that may stain your teeth.

• Assemble what you’ll need at least the night prior to your appointment so you are not rushing around in the time before leaving for your shoot.


• Please eat a light meal before you leave. Food is fuel and if you skip your meals before shooting, chances are you’ll run out of energy, lose focus, or become irritable. None of which will improve your photos.

• Please bring bottled water, snacks, and anything else necessary to keep you going, but avoid bringing anything that will stain your teeth.

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