What to wear for your headshots shoot.

What to wear for your headshots shoot:

Clothes should be neat, clean (free of stains, lint, hair), and free of wrinkles.

I recommend solid color clothing, with no polka dots, no wild prints, and no distracting stripes. Clothing of this type can have a tendency to distract the viewer from the most important subject in your photos, you.

Pastel colors are typically not recommended. Neither is white or black, but more importantly, you should avoid anything that clashes with your skin tone. Colors that compliment your skin tone are appropriate. If you feel you look really good in something, even if it doesn’t abide by “the rules”, bring it.

Avoid dressing in “character”. Be you.

What not to wear for your headshots shoot:

Avoid wearing distracting jewelry or anything that may distract the viewer from your face.

Avoid wearing “costumes”. Your skills as an actor should allow you to suggest a part without “wearing” a part.

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