How to print your headshots: In color or black & white, with borders or without?

Color headshots or black & white?

Color headshots are in, B&W headshots are out. If you shoot with a digital photographer, it’s easy to get both color and black & white if you prefer the option.

Headshots with borders or no borders (“full bleed”)?

Headshots with borders are currently most common. However headshots without borders (called “full bleed”) are acceptable, though some people consider them “tacky” looking. However, some photos may actually look better without borders.

In the end, it’s a personal preference so you should do whatever it is that you think presents your headshot in the best possible light.

If a casting director disregards your headshot, it won’t be because of your borders (or lack thereof). If you have the look that the casting director is seeking, then you’ll get called in whether your headshot has borders or not.

So if you like headshots with borders, get headshots with borders. If you like headshots without borders, get headshots without borders.

Horizontal or vertical headshots?

This refers to headshots taken in “portrait” or “landscape” orientation. Currently headshots in both orientations are acceptable. As with borders, if a casting director thinks your look is right for the part, you’ll get called in, regardless of whether your headshot is in vertical or horizontal format.

Some people believe that headshots taken in horizontal (landscape) orientation tend to look for “cinematic”.

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