Make-up artists at your photo shoot.

Make-up artists are something that should be discussed with a photographer before your shoot.

Models who are adequately skilled at doing their own make-up are typically welcome to do so. Understand, however, that using make-up artists can be a huge advantage when attempting to capture compelling and attractive imagery. Using a make-up artist does not mean you have to wear a lot of make-up. Oftentimes, a little can go a long way, depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve.

Make-up provides ways to substantially accentuate your features, even out your skin tones, and hide any potential problem areas. If you are not extremely confident in doing your own make-up, but are serious about capturing professional level photographs, it is always a good idea to consider hiring a professional make-up artist.

Hiring or arranging to have make-up artists at your shoot is often the client’s responsibility — but this is something you should discuss with your photographer.

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