What to Expect At Your Photo Shoot With Zero Dean


Friends & people I’ve worked with would tell you that I’m an easy-going, friendly, fun, and creative person. Working with me should be productive and fun. (For those interested, you can read actual comments from other people I’ve worked with in the testimonials section of the site.)

As your photographer I will not only strive to have your shoot be an enjoyable, positive, and comfortable experience, but to also provide you with high quality photos that you’re extremely pleased with.

While I may suggest different ideas during a shoot, I’m not the type of photographer that has anyone I work with do anything they’re not entirely comfortable with.


My style of shooting tends to be inspired by the location, the subject, and any exchange of ideas. I love learning, collaborating, experimenting, and trying new techniques.

I tend to shoot very “fluidly”. I like to have my models be “loose” and free to pose as they wish during a shoot (and I shoot as this happens). During this process, I may offer some suggestions and direction to try to get the best photos possible (and I continuously take photos while we work). For me, photo shoots are a very collaborative process and I enjoy discussing different ideas and trying new things with the people I work with.

If you’ve looked at my work, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of fake smiles and stiff poses. That’s intentional. When posed pictures are necessary, I do them in a relaxed, easy style that translates into fluid & natural looking photographs.


I like to shoot for a minimum of two hours. Most unscheduled shoots that I do tend to average around four hours (and it usually flies by).

The length of a shoot is generally dictated by who I’m working with (and that is often determined by the number of wardrobe changes & the specific goal of a shoot).

I love to shoot, so unless I have other obligations, I’m always happy to continue shooting for as long as a model wants. I’ve shot for 12 hours over the course of a single day.


I’ve noticed that the majority of the best shots from photo shoots nearly always occur at least an hour after shooting has begun (and most often get progressively better until the end of a shoot). I suspect this can mostly be attributed to everyone getting warmed up, used to each other’s style, temperament & method of work and communication. I also believe it has tons to do with a model’s confidence. Having confidence while shooting is a huge advantage in capturing great photos.

This is why I always suggest (when a schedule will allow it) that regardless of what we’re shooting, that we start out conservative and leave the best and most interesting components of a shoot for the latter half. This includes elaborate make-up, exciting outfits, and exquisite locations.

Make-up artists at your photo shoot.
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