The photographer promotes a “limited time” offer.

The photographer promotes a “limited time” offer.

There is a reason why sales are popular. And there’s also a reason why every holiday season, there are one or two “must have” holiday items that are nearly impossible to find.

Scarcity makes people act.

When people think something is in short supply, they are more likely buy it. It’s almost automatic in some case.

In most cases, stores and manufacturers deliberately create shortages and intentionally market the fact that their items are in short supply. This way, if you had ever thought about purchasing an item, even if you weren’t that serious about it, if you know it’s almost impossible to get, but you somehow discover it on a shelf somewhere, you’ll buy it. It’s a marketing tactic. Remember that must-have item that was extremely hard to find last Christmas?

Photographer’s “limited time” specials are a psychological attempt at the same thing. But it doesn’t mean they’re not also offering a great deal either!

So don’t be afraid of limited time offers — just be certain that you’ve done your research and know that the photographer is capable of meeting your needs.

Also realize, many photographers may be willing to negotiate to the same price as a “limited time” offer at other times. While it is not a guarantee, it never hurts to ask.

The photographer has very limited availability.
The photographer's web site has very positive testimonials.