The photographer’s web site has very positive testimonials.

The photographer’s web site has very positive testimonials.

It is a fact that anyone can write anything and post it on the internet. And some photographers do just that by writing their own testimonials or online business reviews.

And in some cases when the testimonials may be genuine, the person they were intended for may not be. Some photographers are so desperate to promote themselves with positive feedback that they lift entire sections of websites from others and present them as their own.

Sadly, this not only includes testimonials, but also photographs as well.

If the testimonials on display at a photographer’s don’t seem to fit with the presentation or something seems off, ask for references from actual clients.

One simple trick is to copy and paste specific wording from a photographer’s website (including testimonials) and enter it between quotes into google like this:

  • Enter this into google (including quotes): “The photographer’s web site has very positive testimonials.”

If you do a search for that specific text and it appears on other websites, one of more of those people have copied it.

The photographer promotes a "limited time" offer.
The photographer highlights their years of experience.